About Us

Four Winds Quilting originally started as a home based business and online store in 2008. Before long the shop was open 3 days a week for local customers who liked the style of fabric we offered. After 4 years, the shop moved to a brick and mortar location (at 2101 Grand, in Billings, MT), and in the summer of 2015, expanded to an additional suite that could accommodate an office and classroom space.

Owner, Nancy Sasse, started sewing as a child in 4-H, continuing her education in home-ec classes.  She loves the fabrics available in this modern era, especially those with vibrant colors and bold, funky designs. Nancy is also a big fan of projects that can be completed in a weekend. She practically skips into the shop almost every day, grateful to work in a career that's also her passion.  Nancy feels blessed to count her customers among her circle of friends. Needless to say, her shop's name is a reflection of the four things that give her life meaing: faith, family, friends, and fabric (the four winds that guide her life choices)!

Nancy admires our fore-mothers, who were industrious souls with a talent for creating beauty with what they had on hand. She feels fortunate to live in a day and age where vast resources of fabric provide quilters with endless creative options for crafting projects of beauty and functionality. Her vision for Four Winds doesn't encourage quilt policing. Nancy believes there are a million ways to quilt, and they all have merit. That's why she welcomes quilters of all styles and skill abilities and encourage everyone to learn from, share with, and celebrate the artistic spirit in each person!